The 5th Executive Board Meeting

Start: 16:00 End: 17:02, on 21. Jun. 2023

Location: Online Zoom-Meeting

Attendees: Tsu-Wei Chen, Kuan-Hsun Chen, Jian-Jia Chen, Chih-Jen Shih, Hsin-Fang Chang, Chia-Ju Yu (Joyce)

Top 1: Opening of the meeting and establishment of the quorum

Everyone agreed to have a board meeting today.

Top 2: Setting of the agenda

All attendees agreed with the agenda.

Top 3: Approval of the protocol of the second Executive Board Meeting

6 agree. 

Top 4: Report

Chair and Vice Chair (Jian-Jia and Chih-Jen)

The Overseas Community Affairs Council of Taiwan can support any event organized by us. The submission should be filed by the local embassy. Because they have an annual quota, Jian Jia suggested to apply at the beginning of every year. 

The website is being designed by KH, in which it will announce the future events.

Finance (Joyce)

The bank account is about to open. TW will follow. 

Web master (Kuan-Hsun)

Website has been slightly renewed.

Membership status (Hsin-Fang/Kuan-Hsun)

No new member

Top 5: Further Planned Activities 2023

Technical Forum on 2nd Sep. 2023

Joyce provided an update on the regular meetings held by the organizing team. The invited speakers are ready; there are more international speakers. Jian Jia suggested to include ITRI in the field of photonics. 

Top 6: Misc.

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