Selected Events

Technology Across the border: Europe and Taiwan

To foster dialogue and the exchange of ideas surrounding the present state and future potential of technology in both Europe and Taiwan, encompassing emerging trends, startups, and innovations, we will engage with numerous industry experts. Our discussions will delve into AI, Cloud, deep tech, biotechnology and semiconductor, providing valuable insights for you.

Program can be found here.


Auditorium IV
(ESMT Berlin)
Schloßpl. 1, 10178
Berlin, Germany

Sep. 2 (Sat.) 2023


Workshop of European Taiwanese Scientists
and Engineers for Collaborations

The purpose of the workshop is to establish communication means and discuss how NSTC and Taiwanese scholars and engineers in Europe can potentially benefit from each other. As the number of Taiwanese scholars and engineers has recently surged, we hope to establish sustainable communication and collaboration mechanisms that can be demonstrated in the European level. Furthermore, we would also like to discuss how Taiwanese scholars and engineers in Europe may help NSTC and the Taiwan government in general penetrate the impact into the European society. The workshop features topics for open discussions and networking opportunities. 

Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Nov. 12 (Sat.) 2022

Workshop organizers
Prof. I-Ling Chang (NSTC)
Prof. Jian-Jia Chen
(TU Dortmund, ETAST)
Prof. Kuan-Hsun Chen (University of Twente, ETAST)

Local Arrangement
Prof. Rong-Hao Liang (TU/e) Ms. Henneke Driessen (TU/e)

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