Privacy Policy of ETAST


  • ETAST, the European Taiwanese Association for Science and Technology e. V. is a registered association in Germany, which may be contacted through the contacts publicly advertised on the webpage
  • Program Chair of any conference sponsored or co-sponsored by ETAST
  • General Chair of any conference sponsored or co-sponsored by ETAST
  • The vision of ETAST is to promote cross-disciplinary communication and international exchange and cooperation in science and technology, and to help Taiwanese’s science and technology professionals to integrate into the local community, promote the sustainable development of the European society, and enhance the overall international visibility of Taiwan.


In accordance with the EU Regulation 2018/1725 (GDPR), the ETAST specifies the following information regarding the data collected by the ETAST used to collect the application and activities of memberships. The membership activities is available at the link

What information is collected

ETAST collects the following information entered by the users:

  • email address (required)
  • first and family name (required)
  • gender (required)
  • institutional affiliation (optional)
  • country of affiliation (required)
  • personal webpage (optional)
  • motivation for membership (required)

The ETAST may collect additional information, if published on public websites by the applicants.

For what purpose the information is collected

The above information is collected for the purpose of maintaining a database of students, scientists, and engineers studying or working in the areas of interest of the ETAST. Such a database is used by the ETAST Executive Board and Advisory Board to disseminate the information related to the user’s ETAST membership, the ETAST sponsored and co-sponsored activities (such as call for papers, call for posters, and call for participations), and the related information from other non-profit associations or Taiwanese/European governments related to the mission of ETAST. 

Technical means by which the information is collected

Your data is collected via Your membership will be stored on the database provided by WordPress. The data is copied on a Google Drive service maintained by the ETAST Executive Board.

Who sees your information

Your information may be viewed by the Executive Board members of ETAST.

Also, General and Program Chairs of ETAST sponsored or co-sponsored conferences, may view the data for the purpose stated above.

All people viewing the data agree not to share the data with any third party and to destroy the copy of data upon the termination of their appointment.

When filling the form you will receive the information you just entered by email. By following the corresponding link on the received email or by visiting again the link of the form you can verify and correct the information anytime.

How long your data is kept

In case the member application is not granted due to Statute §4.2 (, the information is kept for one year. For a member, the information is kept continuously until at most three years after the termination of the membership. Also, the data may be erased upon request to the Chair of the Executive Board. The contact can be found at

What security measures are taken to safeguard your information

For security measures offered by WordPress and Google Drive, please refer to the corresponding pages, and, respectively.

Who to contact if you have questions or complaints

In case of questions, please contact the Chair of the Executive Board. In case of complaints, please contact the Chair of the Advisory Board. The contact can be found at

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