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Kuan-Hsun Chen

Kuan-Hsun Chen

Tenured Assistant Professor at University of Twente

Kuan-Hsun Chen is an assistant professor (tenured) at the University of Twente in the
Netherlands. Previously, from August 2019 to August 2021, he held a Postdoctoral position at
TU Dortmund University in Germany. He obtained his Ph.D. degree (May 2019) in Computer Science (Dr.-Ing.) from TU Dortmund University with the highest distinction. He completed his master's degree in Computer Science (2013) and his bachelor's degree in the Interdisciplinary
Program of Humanities and Social Sciences (2011) at National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan.

He is one founder of the Dutch Real-Time System Community, funded by 4TU.NIRICT in 2022. Furthermore, he is also responsible for the course "Design and Implementation of Real-Time
Systems", at the ASCI research school. He currently serves as Guest Editor for the ACM
Transactions of Cyber-Physical Systems and the ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems.

His research interests include real-time systems, software mapping, and memory architectures. He has received Best Paper Award at ECRTS’23, Best Paper nomination at DATE'21, Best Student Paper Award at RTCSA'18, and a dissertation award in 2019, and has involved in Technical Committees in many prestigious conferences. Outside the academic pursuits, he dedicates his time to mentorship and open-source development. He has been a volunteer mentor in the ESA Summer of Code in Space and Google Summer of Code since 2016, specifically focusing on a popular real-time operating system, RTEMS.

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